Charlies / by Stephen Lynch

Charlie Lynch has been a staple in the local community for as long as i can remember. From volunteering at the local nursing home and playing the guitar and bamjo for the nursing home residents on the holidays, to selflessly helping every person who walks through the doors of his shop, Charlie has always been a positive member of the Sussex County Community.

Charlie (53) grew up locally in possibly the smallest town in America, Williamsville, De. From childhood, Charlie has always tinkered around with cars while helping his father Clifton Lynch. Upon turning 18 and graduating from high school, Charlie started his journey as a mechanic. Working for different people and shops, invaluable buisness and trade skills, good and bad, were learned. In 1997 Charlie opened his first legitimate auto repair buisness. From shops in Selbyville De. to Frankford, De, Charlie has been the locals choice for auto repair the last 18 years.

Whether you stop in for a quick oil change or a total engine diagnostic, good conversation with Charlie and his father Clifton are always something to look forward to. There is no waiting room or a TV to stare at, nor should there be. Rich history covers the walls of the shop. As a mechanic, Charlie is one of the best. As a person, Charlie is even better. As a Lynch, I am proud to share the name and call him family.